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Makala Kimberly Franklin

Jump Start Assignment for Media Communications Project Management August 30, 2013

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Beginning any type of project the most important step is to plan out and research similar projects of the present and the past.  Planning will help you to create a more stable appealing website.  By researching at the national, regional, and local levels it will give you an advantage by providing an all around perspective of the competition.

When you first begin research for the creation of the website you will preform a general web-search.  This search will be executed using Google or a similar search engine.  The general web-search will help you to learn what to do when creating your own website.  If the research is not done or not preformed properly it will affect the final outcome of the project.  You will not know what attracts your target audience or what type of competition is already on the market.

When you are defining the goal of the website investigating trends pertaining to general design and navigation of a website gives you a guide to build the best site possible to attract your target audience.  The project would be impacted negatively if trends on the market were not discovered/researched because you would not know what is popular at the time of the website creation.  Researching trends can help guide you to build the best website possible to attract the target audience.

If you do not properly research the target audience you will not be able to define the goals of the website efficiently.  Knowing the target audience allows you to answer questions about your particular target audience such as age, gender, education, class, race, location, religion/politics, and hobbies/interest.  These questions will help better define the project you are working on and what would attract your target audience to the website you are creating.

After gathering the information for the creation of your website goals it is a good idea to combine all of the into a project profile.  Delivering a project profile will allow you to outline what you have learned from your research.  Without the creation of a project profile you may not have the insight needed about the types of information site visitors will be seeking when they enter your site.  A project profile will also clue you in to how the website will look and function when created.

-Makala Franklin


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