My MCBS Journey at Full Sail University

Makala Kimberly Franklin

WDC Week 3: Portfolio Inventory March 19, 2014

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Contact Information


Makala Franklin


Full Sail Portfolio

Business Address

Email Address

Phone Number

Secondary Phone Number

About Your Business

Please describe the products/services that are offered by your company.

The products/services that would be advertised on this website are my professional skills. The website will contain my public-facing portfolio. It will showcase the skills that I have gained from my professional life and being a student of Full Sail University.

What type of visitors do you want to draw to your website? Who is your target audience?

I would like to attract media communications professionals at all skill levels. This will also be a website to give potential employers, like an online resume.

What is the purpose of establishing this website?

My purpose of establishing this website is to gain exposure in the world of media communications. Because as of now I do not have much work experience this website could be a first step in gaining the exposure I need to get my foot in the door as a professional. I want this website to grow with my experience and that means frequent updates, so I would like it to be easily manageable.

Does your company have a logo?

Yes 0 0%
No 1 100%

Are you currently using any type of social media? If so, please list which website (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and your username.

How do you currently access the Internet?

Desktop PC 0 0%
Laptop 0 0%
Desktop Mac 0 0%
MacBook 1 50%
Mobile Device (phone, tablet, iPad) 1 50%
Other 0 0%

What is your preferred internet browser?

Internet Explorer 0 0%
Firefox 0 0%
Google Chrome 0 0%
Safari 1 100%
Other 0 0%

What is your budget for this project?

About Your Website

Do you have a tagline or motto that you would like to include on your website?

I do not currently have one, but I would like to create one and a logo as well.

Do you have a website currently? (If so, please provide URL)

If you already have a website would you like to keep the same structure?

No responses yet for this question.

Are there any website’s style that you would like to emulate? If so, please give the URLs of up to five websites.

This website is very simple yet effective. I like that this portfolio was created using a blog. The template and the social media icons are similar to what I would like for my portfolio. I enjoy the way she added her twitter feed on the right side of the page. I enjoyed the layout, fonts, and color scheme of this site.

Do you have any color preferences?

At the moment I do not have any color preferences preselected, but I do know that I want professional looking colors that stand out. Any suggestions?

Do you have any specific materials in mind that you would like to place on your website (logo, photos, and/or videos)?

I have some materials that I want to include in my portfolio and some media that I would like to create in this website design process that would additionally be added to the site.

If you have already compiled some materials for the website can you deliver those by email?

Yes 1 100%
No 0 0%

How would it take you to compile the information needed to create your website?

1 week 1 100%
2 weeks 0 0%
3 weeks 0 0%
Other 0 0%

What elements do you think you may want on your homepage?

Links on homepage: About, Resume, Portfolio, Skills, Contact Information. If possible I would like to also create and include a Logo, Mission Statement, and add links to my professional social media accounts.

Are there any elements that you feel are necessary to have on each page of your website?

I want the links, logo, mission statement, and social media icons on the homepage to be on each page. This way it is easy to navigate the site.

Any additional information

Please list any additional information here that is vital in the completion of your website

Number of daily responses


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