My MCBS Journey at Full Sail University

Makala Kimberly Franklin

WDC Week 3 Project: Portfolio Skeleton March 23, 2014

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I have launched the creation of my public-facing portfolio.  My Portfolio Website Skeleton is located at this link.

I do feel confident in my understanding of the MCBS public-facing portfolio requirement.  This is an awesome way for us as students to establish a presence for ourselves online.  It is also great this public-facing portfolio can grow with us as we obtain more experience in our professional life.

The 1-, 2-,and 3-star projects will be an intricate part in displaying my creative works as a student.  As I create assignments for my portfolio courses that were not initially coursework, the 2-and 3-star projects, this will show how I am applying the knowledge that I am learning as a student.

I have yet to add materials to my menu items.  When I do begin to add to each section I feel like my strongest sections would be my portfolio and skills.  This section will showcase all of my creative works.  Being a Full Sail student I have had the opportunity to create many different types of assignments using various software.  Adding these assignments in my portfolio section will help to showcase my abilities.  The skills section of my public-facing portfolio will list my skills and abilities along with containing my completion certificates.

I feel that my resume needs the most work.  I do not have any work experience or an internship in the field of Media Communications that I can list. As I progress along in my professional life this area of my website can flourish along with each of the other pages.

I am proud of the skeleton that I created for my public-facing portfolio.  I would like to purchase a domain name to give my website a more professional feel.  I am proud of my work because I used the skills that I gained in WDC to create my very own website.  I planned my portfolio and discovered my target audience so that I could create a website that is easily navigated and useful.


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