My MCBS Journey at Full Sail University

Makala Kimberly Franklin

WDC Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback March 26, 2014

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lt is my pleasure to peer review Colleen’s website she created for the company No’OWIE Bandage Removal.

What struck me about your site was that it was user friendly.  I can tell that your target audience was the elder generation and family of those in need.  You were able to accomplish constructing an website for the No’OWIE brand that is specifically catered to their needs.  As I navigated through the website you created it made me want to revisit my own site. I enjoyed the way you included transitions between each page.  If I had the chance I would have added something similar to my website because it creates an awesome effect as you transition through each page.

I noticed at the bottom of your homepage you were trying to highlight various topics My Story, Service, Let’s Talk, and Resources. This section seems a little cluttered. Maybe you could remove one of the sections moving the information elsewhere.  This would help the information to become more eye-catching and interesting to look at.

         The links you included for example the one on the about page that is linked to Harry’s email was a great idea so that he can be easily contacted.  Creating a Facebook page for your website was also a great idea to distribute information. The video testimonial and quotes highlighting the clients under this tab added a personal touch to the website and makes the viewer feel more connected.  I enjoyed the color scheme that you used.  Have you considered changing the white background?  The white background does provide a clean touch, but I believe that it would help your information to stand out more if the background of the website was a different color.  You did a wonderful job on this project Colleen it was hard to find any mistakes.

         Perhaps you can add more emphasis by adding one more color to your color scheme.  This color could be used to highlight the text like you did on the About page with Harry’s phone number and email.  Overall great job Colleen.  I can tell you put a lot of thought in constructing this website.  Continue the great work!


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