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GTS Week 3 Project: Transmedia Short Story Soft Opening May 24, 2014

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TMSS Challenge Folder

Rabbit Hole


I truly enjoyed the experience of creating this transmedia short story. The process started by me writing my own story then turning my story into an audio file. It was great watching my transmedia story come to life with the creation of each element. I look forward using the skills I have learned in GTS in the future. I feel confident about the elements I have created to build my story. There is always room for improvement, so I am hoping that the survey on my website will provide me with some valuable feedback. I will apply the suggestions I get to change what needs to be improved.




GTS Week 3 Analysis: Games Expand Transmedia Worlds May 21, 2014

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Console games are made for entertainment. These games are forms of interactive multimedia that are hosted on various consoles. I would say the most popular type of console, as of late, are the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. One example of a console game based on a cross media franchise is The Chronicles of Narnia. There are three movies in this film series (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and all three films have a video game component.

Mobile app games are played on mobile devices such as a smartphone or Nintendo 3DS. One example of a mobile game based on a television show is “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” a game that we played this month in GTS.

Browser games are run on a computer with the use of the Internet and an Internet browser. Once connected to the Internet on a computer a browser is used to display the game. A transmedia campaign was created pairing music and games. It is called SoundPlay on this browser game there are four games based of the lyrics of songs. The song game with the most likes gets the creators one thousand dollars.

A collectable card game is a game where players use a set of cards that is specifically designed for the particular game. Players duel using the cards and also may trade to acquire cards to add to their collections. Pokemon trading cards is an example of how collectable cards can be used as an extension of a series.

Board games are exactly what the name states. A board is used to place each players pieces. The board is set in between players and each one takes a turn according to a set of rules. Game of Thrones is an example that incorporated a board game into their campaign.  You play as characters from the series and try to take control of the kingdom.

Role-playing games (RPGs) is described as being a game where players take on roles as imaginary characters. These characters go on adventures and are under the control of a Grand Master who oversees the game. Star Wars is often recreated using RPG. “Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG” is a game that players can create their own adventures in the galaxy using a detailed set of rules and an adventure book.

Live actions role playing (LARPing) this is a form of RPG where player dress up and actually act out the adventures live.  Game of Thrones is a television show that is often reenacted through LARPing.  It is not necessarily a part of a campaign.  Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) actually joined in on a game of LARPing video footage is on an online forum.

Cosplay is an abbreviation for costume roleplay.  Those who are involved dress up as their favorite fictional character.  These characters are typically from comics, movies, video games, anime, manga, or television. Cosplay is a way for fans to create their own transmedia extension of their favorite character.  They interact with other characters and ultimately create their own universe as the character at fan conventions.

Cons or fan convention is gathering where fans of a whole genre or a particular fictional story gather to hold programs and events surrounding the particular genre/story.  Continuum a Canadian science fiction series used live events at fan conventions as a part of their transmedia campaign along with a graphic novel and an ARG.


This week I have been working on continuing to add to the elements that I created last week, updating the blog and website. I am in the process of creating the media for this week’s launch of the Transmedia Short Story. I have created another blog for the mother in my story, working on two flyers for advertisement of my story, and a comic to complete the project.


Week 3 Practice B: Games That Help

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Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 3.39.36 PM

The first game I played for this practice activity was Free Rice.  As you can see at the top of my screenshot for each answer you get right, they donate ten grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.  Knowing that with each answer I was helping the needy I did not want to stop playing.  This is a great game and it is not that difficult to play.  You just answer a few simple questions about vocabulary. I ended up donating a little over 1,700 grains.  It makes you feel good to know that you are helping others while playing a game.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.03.44 PM

Next, I decided to play Stop Disasters.  This is a simulation game that is very educational in the sense that it provides insight on how to defend against natural disasters.  I selected to defend a small town against a flood.  Unfortuately, I failed and 14 people died and my hospital was destroyed.  I think it would be more interactive if this game was more like World of Worldcraft.  As if you were actually in the game instead of just looking over the city.  If you were a player in the city you could interact with others and get tips on how to protect the city.


The Rabbit Hole May 20, 2014

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For this activity I thought it would be fun to make the audience figure out my favorite food.  I had a hard time thinking go a treasure hunt to go on, so I figured this would be fun and easy enough to decode.  Playing around with the different types of code was fun.  I have seen QR code used very often in various marketing campaigns, but other types of code is not so common.  I never thought of using code in my transmedia short story project.  It would be a fun way to keep the audience interactive and keep the mystery of things alive.

My rabbit hole will be my blog I will post my clues here in four different types of code and I will also copy the code to a Google docs for easier access.  This was a very enriching activity for me because it helped me to think outside of the box.  I learned something new and also something that I can use in the long run when creating various types of media.  As I was exploring the resources provided, I really enjoyed reading the article “7 Things You Should Know About Alternate Reality Games” it gave great information about how ARGs are now being utilize to bring together students in the classroom.

What is my favorite food?



Morse Code
.. – | .. … | … — ..-. – | .- -. -.. | … –.- ..- .. … …. -.–

Binary to Text (ASCII)


QR Code


Use this QR code to lead you to a website with one of my favorite recipes!



Week 3 Practice A: Games Using GPS

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Screenshot_2014-05-20-21-12-32 Screenshot_2014-05-20-21-12-25


I was already familiar with FourSquare before I had a chance to explore it for myself.  In the small town I live in we do not have much to do for entertainment.  I know some teenagers around that use FourSquare to create treasure hunts around town (geocaching).  One person leaves their GPS location of where they have left clues and the participants go behind them to find the clues that ultimately leads to some type of treasure.  The first to get to the final location wins the treasure hunt.  I thought was a neat way to use the app.  I enjoy how you can search for businesses and services nearby using the app and check in at different locations.


Global Outbreak

Unfortunately, Global Outbreak crashed a lot when I was trying to explore. This game uses your GPS location to tailor your gaming experience around your location.  I thought it was very neat how the game used my location to tell me where to establish a base a round-up troops in the area.


GTS Week 2 Project: Mid-Challenge-Check-In May 17, 2014

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Media Created/Points Expected

Video: 1 minute 34 seconds/8 points

Audio: 5 minutes/30 points

Blog: 5 posts/15 points

Fictitious website: 3 pages/10 points

Total points: 63

Video update:


GTS Week 2 Analysis: Why Create Transmedia Stories?

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According to the blog post “West vs. East Coast Transmedia and How It Can Work For You” by Amber Moelter there is a divide between West and East Coast-style transmedia. West Coast-style pertains to the type of media that is produced in Hollywood, for example, feature films, video games, etc. East Coast Transmedia is related more to the style of media created in New York, such as, film, theater, and interactive art. It is also mentioned in the blog post that the East Coast-style prominently uses social media to distribute the pieces of the story because this style is more interactive and digital.

Andrea Phillips coined the terms East Coast and West Coast transmedia in her book Transmedia Storytelling: Imagery, Shapes, and Techniques. One example of the West Coast-style would be The Matrix. This is not only a series of movies, but it is based off of a book, there is a graphic novel, and video games. “Transmedia Storytelling, Fan Culture and the Future of Marketing” is an additional article that I read from a Google search that contains an interview with Andrea Phillips ( In this article Phillips list World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as an example of East Coast transmedia. WWE hosts live events for fans to attend these events are presented on television. What makes World Wrestling Entertainment an example of East Coast transmedia is how they use social media to act as if these rivalries are real life. The performers stay in character on social media and a YouTube page is also dedicated to the events.

A transmedia campaign that is specifically for marketing would be The Hunger Games. The movie teamed up with different companies like COVERGIRL and Nerf to create products related to the movie series. This helps with the promotion of the movie with big franchises endorsing the release of the new film.   One example of a transmedia campaign that exist as art for art’s sake is The Lizzie Bennet diaries. This is a blog created by Bernie Su and Hank Green that is an online modernized adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The blog contains video diaries and has even spawned an actual book. It contains video diaries from Lizzie Bennet, a Twitter, and a Tumblr dedicated to the story. Comparing the two I believe bigger campaigns, such as, The Hunger Games are doing the marketing to create revenue. Campaigns that are art for art’s sake create their media just for entertainment and to attract a following that is strictly interested in the art.

For this week’s Mid Challenge-Check-In I have began the construction of my website that will be the main center of distribution for my story.  I have started on character construction and the social media pages for the characters.  I am working on my video trailer that will be a type of web comic via video.  I wish that I had some friends are family member that would be available to help create an actual video, but I have to work with what resources I have available for now.  I am putting the finishing touches on my story, so that I am able to create an interesting audio recording for my audience.