My MCBS Journey at Full Sail University

Makala Kimberly Franklin

Week 3 Practice A: Games Using GPS May 20, 2014

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Screenshot_2014-05-20-21-12-32 Screenshot_2014-05-20-21-12-25


I was already familiar with FourSquare before I had a chance to explore it for myself.  In the small town I live in we do not have much to do for entertainment.  I know some teenagers around that use FourSquare to create treasure hunts around town (geocaching).  One person leaves their GPS location of where they have left clues and the participants go behind them to find the clues that ultimately leads to some type of treasure.  The first to get to the final location wins the treasure hunt.  I thought was a neat way to use the app.  I enjoy how you can search for businesses and services nearby using the app and check in at different locations.


Global Outbreak

Unfortunately, Global Outbreak crashed a lot when I was trying to explore. This game uses your GPS location to tailor your gaming experience around your location.  I thought it was very neat how the game used my location to tell me where to establish a base a round-up troops in the area.


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