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GTS Week 4 Reflection: Publish Final Draft June 1, 2014

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Link to trailer

The three things that I changed for my final draft are the extended trailer, QR codes on the flyers, and created a Twitter account from Rhiannon (main character).  I changed the extended trailer into an actual video to tell the story.  Instead of the QR codes on the flyers leading back to the website for the story I wanted to disclose a part of the story that you would not find otherwise.  I took Gen’s suggestion that I received from the peer review and made Rhiannon a Twitter account so that it would be easier for the audience to interact with her.  I link the QR code on Rhiannon’s blog to her Twitter account.  The link on the flyer is the only way to access her Twitter account from the main components of the story. I got rid of the comic strip for now, but once I find how to accurately create a web comic I will redo the piece. I am going to continue to work on my story and use the input that I received to take my story to the next level. After working to improve it over the next couple of months I hope to submit it as a one star portfolio piece.