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Makala Kimberly Franklin

MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Value-Driven White Paper October 30, 2014

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I am seeking a one star rating for this project.  Here are the specific instructions for this assignment:

Based on your client brand and the factual information set forth in your backgrounder, develop a white paper, explaining your clients position on a values-driven issue or topic and how your client addresses this challenge and connects with it through their product. Depending on whom your client is. This could be a white paper about informing the public about an issue and how your client addresses it on a campaign or initiative. Remember, as a marketing tool you should include a call to action at the end, by offering alternatives and recommendations.

The Parts

  • Provides background
  • States the issue
  • Establishes your position with facts and figures
  • Includes opposing sides of the issue
  • Provides recommendations
  • Offers alternatives – Call to Action!

I had a musician as my client and because of this I decided to create a values-driven campaign that was related to music.  Maren Ord, my client, has been a musician all of her life and it would be great for her to help children in communities that do not have a chance to be exposed to music as she was.  I decided it would be great for her to start an after school program collaborating with already established programs to make music a priority for these after school initiative. It was important for me to specify that she should take her initiatives to low income community because these schools have been impacted the most and are loosing their music programs in their schools.  I compiled all of the information into a Microsoft Word template and I was able to clearly convey my message in this fashion.

Link to Deliverable:

After submitting this assignment I was told that I had some text alignment issues and that I should elaborate on how Maren Ord would be associated with the after school program.  I fixed the issues with the text and under the solution heading I added in details about how Maren would be tied into the program.

The hardware and software I used was my MacBook Pro, Microsoft Word, Safari, and Google Docs.


MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Media Kit

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I am seeking one star for this submission.  This assignment included creating a Media Kit that included a Backgrounder and Press release document for the client that we were given, my client was Maren Ord a singer/songwriter.  After watching a instructional video on how to construct these documents I was given the task to create my own Media Kit.  The backgrounder had to be a one page document that provided the background of my client’s life and career.  The press release also had to be a one page document about a new initiative, event, or new product.  I selected to write about a new initiative that Maren Ord was engaging in.

Link to Deliverable:

The advice I was given by my instructor was to create a headline because the one I created was more of a sub-heading and to alter the quote I used.  Following this advice I added a headline, but I did not alter the quote I used because I could not find another quote from the artist or about the artist from any outlets.

The hardware and software I used was my MacBook Pro, Microsoft Word, Safari, and Google Docs.


MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Client Presentation October 26, 2014

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For this submission I am seeking a one star approval rating.  I created this project in Media Communications and Public Relations.  I was given the instructions to create a strategic Public Relations plan for my selected client which was Maren Ord.  During the course I created several different elements for the presentation a PR Plan, Audio News Release, Guerrilla Marketing campaign, and a Value-Driven White Paper.  This Client Presentation was the task of putting together all of these elements to create a final project.  I was able to complete this presentation by compiling all of the information together in a video with voiceover and slides.

Link to Deliverable:–V13Ufc

The feedback I received was to add more slides, include the Audio News Release, and improve the quality of the voiceover.

I was able to successfully complete all of these revisions for my project and above is the link for the final revised piece. Hardware: MacBook Pro Software: iMovie, Keynote, Safari, Word, and GarageBand


MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: The Crescendo October 13, 2014

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For this portfolio project submission I am seeking a one star rating.

This project was created in the Media Psychology course.  I had to play the role of a media strategist expert and select an exsisting Media Campaign.  After selecting the Media Campaign I had to provide the company with suggestions on how to improve their campaign to make a larger impact.  Applying the each of brain-based strategies that I learned throughout the course demonstrated my knowledge of the material.  Here is the campaign I selected:  My recommendations for improvements had to include specific details addressing the following.

  • Brain-Based strategies (Primal, Emotional and Thinking)
  • Influence/Persuasion tactics
  • Plan for Motivating Behavior Change

I can up with various strategies that met the needs for each of these categories and provided outside research to prove how each strategy would work.  Once I compiled my strategy then I gathered photos from the company’s Facebook page and recorded the voiceover that entailed my plan.  Then I took all of the materials and compiled them into iMovie to create a video presentation for the company.  I accomplished all of the objective with this suggested campaign that I set out to meet.  I wanted to help the company, Emily Skin Soothers, to expand their brand and utilize options that they may never addressed before.

Link to Deliverable:

The feedback I received for this project was to correct the photos because the focus was not correct on them as the video progressed.  I resolved this problem by setting a start and end point for each photo in the video.  The flow of my photos progressed too fast for the words, at times, during the presentation so I corrected this by listening to the voiceover and correcting the set amount of time each photo was presented.

I was the only person that worked in the creation of this deliverable.  I utilized my MacBook, iMovie, and GarageBand when creating this video.  The Emily Skin Soother page on Facebook is where all the photos were retrieved from (credit given at the end of vide) and I used YouTube to upload the video for Internet viewing.