My MCBS Journey at Full Sail University

Makala Kimberly Franklin

MEN Week 1 Practice: Entrepreneurial Readiness November 28, 2014

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This activity helps me to discover what life is like for entrepreneurs in certain arenas.  It helps me to gauge whether or not I would be up to becoming an entrepreneur myself.


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MEN Week 1 Analysis: Vision & Scope

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Performing this analysis of my company allows me to see all the work that it takes to get a company off of the ground and running. It will also help me to see what exactly I have in mind for the company I am creating in the course of Media Entrepreneurship. I am going to continue with the company I came up with in Intellectual Property last month that is called Flashify Communications.


  • Flashify Communications will offer services to the clients that include communicating their message, reaching their target audience for their product and services, and improve the quality of their company’s public perception.
  • Company Image: Flashify Communications will be known for the time and care invested into their clients.
  • Owner’s Role: As the owner of this company I will take on the role as the business planner, human resources specialist, office manager, marketing expert, bookkeeper, and accountant.


  • Business: This business will start off as local and regional communications firm.
  • Customers: Flashify Communications will serve customers in the north Alabama/Tuscaloosa area.
  • Business Operations: The headquarters will be located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


  • Customers: Loyal customers, need-based customers, male or female, and in need of help with their public outreach to consumers.
  • Strategic Alliances: Flashify Communications could partner with marketing or advertising firms that are looking to help businesses build/improve their public perception.
  • Advisors: I would say a financial advisor would be the most important to consider when starting my own company. Then I must establish a strong business plan and this would require the assistance of a small business advisor. Also an attorney would be helpful to sort out all of the legal situations that may arise.


  • Start-up: I want to gather as much as my own money as I can to begin the business and ensure that I have resolved all issues before becoming fully operational, so I would say it would be a month before the business is open.
  • Facilities: Office space will be an essential for this business to meet with clients, secure deals, and perform functions for clients.
  • Systems: Systems must be tested prior to the business becoming fully operational to ensure that there are not any malfunctions. The systems will be fully operational on the business start date. Systems must be tested prior to use then quarterly and annually after the start date to update and find errors.


  • Owner: I am creating this business because I care for the consumer; and I want to provide them with quality service that they might not receive from competitors by building strong relationships with customers. This will be my own personal business, so I will be my own boss, low start-up cost, and I will have complete creative control over the quality of work that is offered by my company.
  • Customers: Customers will buy my services because I will spend my time investing in my clients. I will go above and beyond to meet their needs and help them in any way possible.
  • Investors/Bankers: Investors will invest in my business because I will establish a strong business and financial plan prior to pitching my ideas to these investors. My business idea will be tattered towards my customers and the customers are the audience that will help expand the company by adding revenue and supporting the cause. I will prove my business will be successful.


  • Financing: I will find various ways to fund my start-up. This includes getting a partner to invest, personal finances, crowd funding, and investors.
  • Culture: I will establish a code of business conduct and ethical behavior when it comes to customers, employees, and partnership interactions. I want these interactions to always remain positive even in harsh or strenuous conditions.
  • Personal Beliefs: My personal beliefs will only benefit this business because I want to strengthen my relationships will clients, employees, and partners by building trust and establishing reliability with everyone involved.

MEN Week 1 Practice: Business Structures November 25, 2014

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Learning about business structures will help me to gain a better understanding of what types of business I will create in this course and potentially in the real world.  Having a clear definition of what exactly the four business types are, the definition of, and real world examples will give me better knowledge and judgement.

Here is the link to my mind map:


MEN Week 1 Exploration: Web Designer & Serial Entrepreneur

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This exploration activity for week one of media enterpreneurship is about reviewing two different case studies. The case studies are about a web designer and a serial entrepreneur. Studying the successes and failures of other businesses will allow me to discover what things I should avoid or pursue that is the purpose of this activity.


MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Sandy’s Sweet Sensations Website November 21, 2014

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I am seeking a two star rating for this project.  This was an independent project I created for a client, Sandy Reynolds.  She was desperately needing a website for her business.  I started by having my client fill out an online survey that define her needs, wants, and likes for the website creation along with an interview with the client.  She then emailed a list to me that included the pricing for each of her items she has for sale.  Then I began to gather the images that she wanted to add to her website.  As I began to create the website and compile all of the information I got her input on each stage of creation to understand how she would like for the website to look.  Once I was done with the website I ensured that she was happy with the final product.  After a few tweaks were made following her suggestions the website was finished.  Following her advice, I adjusted the photos used, added testimonials, and then added another paragraph to the about section.

Link to deliverable:

The resources I utilized to create this website are my MacBook Pro and Safari browser.


Week 4 Certification: Multimedia Journalist Richard Koci Hernandez

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Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.28.18 AM

This video course with Multimedia Journalist Richard Koci Hernandez was very inspiring. Seeing that he finds inspiration in so many things and at so many places gave the video a very personal touch. It was interesting to learn about his past and how he came into doing photography and being a multimedia journalist. I found that after watching another video by Richard Koci Hernandez on then watching this one presented an opportunity to delve deeper into his mind as a photographer and learn more about his style. I love seeing his street photography! He takes amazing photos and has a lot of knowledge to share in his video lessons. I really enjoyed when he was describing the trip he took to Central America and seeing some of the photographs he took while on his journey.


Week 3 Certification: Viral Marketing November 17, 2014

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This was a very informative video from  While watching Viral Marketing with Jonah Berger I learned a lot great facts. Word-of-mouth marketing is ten times more effective than traditional advertising.  Seven percent of word-of-mouth marketing is online, so it is just as important to focus on offline strategies.  The STEPPS (S-social currency, T-triggers, E-emotion, P-public, P-practical value, and S-stories) of marketing is a great acronym to treasure.  It teaches you why do people share things with others along with how to craft contagious content.  Finding your peanut butter was a great way to remember that it is important to find frequent rather than infrequent triggers to make consumers think about your products.  The Rule of 100 is another great piece of information that was included in the video lesson.  This Rule tells that people are more likely to take a deal when it is framed as an amount rather than a percentage.  I enjoyed watching this video and it provided me with information to build upon.