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Makala Kimberly Franklin

Career Development Skills Week 4 Project: Multimedia Video Resume June 28, 2015

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Career Development Skills Week 4 Reflection: RISE Self-Evaluation June 25, 2015

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Career Development Skills Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

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Using the RISE model to perform a peer review helps to provide valuable feedback to fellow classmates.  This not only will assist my peer with valuable insight from another viewpoint, but it will also help me to realize what I could have done differently in my own assignment.

What struck me about your interview was your introduction. I place my introduction first in my video, but after viewing your mock interview it made me want to visit my own. It was a great idea to first introduce yourself as the interviewer I believe that it would have elevated your video even more to also include an introduction as the interviewee. Overall, I believe that you provided a great introduction. As the interviewer, you stayed professional and had proper attire for the role. When you played the part of the interviewee you exemplified the statements you used when you were telling about yourself in the first question, for example you truly showed that you are energetic and outspoken.

I noticed that sometimes when you answered the questions you seemed to ramble at times. You provided some really great answers to the questions that you created. It would have made the mock interview even better if you would have made some of your answers more concise. Though the answers you provided did answer the questions asked I believe a little more practice in the delivery of your answers would have helped you some.

Have you considered using better lighting in your video? Even though the light you used provided sufficient enough lighting I believe that it would be easier to make better eye contact with you if you added some more light. Providing an overhead light for the video would have been a great asset to the light that you have already utilized. I could see you well when you played the role of the interviewer, but once the scene changed to the interviewee it was hard to maintain that contact.

Perhaps you can add more insight by taking away some of the distractions in the video. Sometimes you stumble over your words or push your glasses up. These problems can be easily remedied by just practicing some more and then recording. Like I stated previously you provided some great answers to the questions that were asked. What I enjoyed most out of your video was the fact that it truly felt real. It actually felt like you were presenting yourself in an interview. Even though there were some distractions I believe that it added to the character of your mock interview. Interviews can be nerve-racking and leave us stumbling sometimes, even if you are interviewing yourself. Great mock interview video and I hope my comments help you.


Career Development Skills Week 3 Project: Mock Interview June 22, 2015

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Career Development Skills Week 3 Practice: Storytelling with Examples

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Career Development Skills Week 3 Practice: Interview Questions

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The purpose of this activity is to explore potential interview questions in order to be prepared for future situations. This will help me to understand why an interviewer would ask these questions and how I will answer them by discovering these questions and their rationale and relevancy.

  1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

This question is usually the first question asked in an interview. The above question is a way for the interviewer to assess how prepared you are for the interview. This would be an opportune time to use the elevator pitch that I created in this course.

  1. What do you know about the company?

When asked this question the interviewer is trying to see if you care enough to research their company. They are not looking for you to repeat what is already written online about the company, but they want a personalized response that relates to their company.

  1. Why do you want this job?

Answering this question will help the interviewer to gauge your passion for the position. In order to secure a position with the company it is important to have a proper and professional answer that is personalized to this company.

  1. What are your greatest professional strengths?

When asked this question it is important to give a proper account of my strengths. It is also important that I can give provide professional examples of these strengths.

  1. What do you consider to be your weaknesses?

When I am asked this question the interviewer is looking for honesty. They want to ensure that I have self-awareness and can give a real account of what my actual weaknesses are.

  1. Tell me about a challenge or conflict you have faced at work, how did you deal with it.

The interviewer wants to make sure that you can properly handle and overcome conflict and challenges. In every job position I have found that there will be conflict. It is important to prove that I can deal with these challenges properly and discover a resolution to the problem.

  1. Give an example of a pressurized situation you had to overcome at work and describe how you overcame the situation.

It is important to be able to work under pressure. One of the job requirements for this position is to have the “ability to work with urgent deadlines, flexible priorities and manage multiple high-priority assignments”, so therefore this question could be used to prove how effectively I can mange these particular situations.

  1. Tell me about a time when you encountered a difficulty with a client or customer. How did you resolve the situation?

Crisis management is very important in my professional life. Whether it is meeting critical deadlines or dealing with a difficult client. One of the job requirements is to “establish strong relationships within the consumer, business, and/or clients”, so the interviewer will want to discover how I will handle and resolve a difficult situation with a client.

  1. What type of work environment do you prefer?

It is important for the interviewer to assess if their company is a correct fit for me as a professional. When answering this question it is important to be specific and tailor my answer to the particular company I am interviewing with.

  1. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

This question allows the interviewer to notice how I will evaluate myself working under pressure. Any job will get stressful, so it will be important to give real life examples of how I handle these situations.


Career Development Skills Week 3: Virtual Interview Preparation June 18, 2015

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