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Makala Kimberly Franklin

Media Anthropology Project Resubmission July 30, 2015

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Please use this money to



For this resubmission, I decided to recreate the flyer for project two. When reproducing this flyer I wanted to explain the significance of the dollar bill and what they should do with it.   On the front I added photos of North Korean children eating along with the American and North Korean flag. I added these images because I wanted them to know who the money was coming from, hence the American flag. The photo of the children eating is to show what the money can be used for and the message I added told them to use the money to feed their families and to provide for their needs. It is hard to understand what would inspire the people of this country because they seem to constantly live in fear of their government. If they go against the laws of the land then not only are the punished, but their whole family is as well. The most efficient and effective use of the flyer would be to motive people to be inspired even if their living conditions are less than desirable. My target audience would be the poverty stricken people of North Korea. I used the suggestions made by Instructor Redman and my classmate Joseph to figure out exactly what changes I needed to make to improve my flyer.

With this message that is being attached to the balloons and sent to North Korea I want to motivate the citizens of the country to have hope. The activists from South Korea that release the balloons are already doing a great deed I just want to provide an encouraging note to the people that I would be able to reach with this flyer. My message would be translated into Korean when actually created. I do not want to offend the people of North Korea that will be receiving the message along with the dollar bill; therefore I am going to keep my message neutral from any judgmental sayings against their society and government.

There is no access to the media for the North Koreans. If they watch any type of foreign television or obtain any type of media it is illegal. Their government is the only source of media that it is lawful to have access and that is through North Korean State TV along other pieces of government propaganda. Even though it is illegal the Frontline report states that over half of the population engages in watching the illegal media risking their freedom and maybe even their lives; and millions engage in listening to illegal foreign radio because they are so curious to what life is like outside of their country. Five years ago they first were able to have a cell phone in North Korea, but the only stipulation is that they can only use it to call within the country. Many modify there cell phones to make calls outside of North Korea which is a serious violation of the law.

The poverty stricken citizens might not even have a chance to illegally engage in viewing or listening to outside media illegally. This is why I decided to add the message to the back of the flyer explaining what the value of the dollar would be to them, “One dollar equals 900 North Korean Won.” I hope that this is an improvement to the flyer that I have submitted previously. With the front and back of this flyer I tried to focus strictly on their basic needs and giving them an understanding of what this money means to them.


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