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Makala Kimberly Franklin

MCPP3 Week 1 Certification: Writing Articles March 9, 2014

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MCPP3 Week 1 Certification: Writing Articles

All sections of this video were very helpful.  The part that I enjoyed the most was entitled “Putting the Article Together” because it provided a great description of each step that it takes to properly construct an article.  This video gave a great description of realistic steps and expectations that are included when writing an article.  Watching this video will help to inform my professional objectives.  Much of the communication that we do in current times is digital.  The things that I write can be the first impression that I give people in my professional and personal world.


WDC Week 1 Practice March 7, 2014

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Target Audience Characteristics:

  • cupcake lovers
  • people with a sweet tooth
  • parents with kids
  • professional
  • fun
  • informative
  • small business supporters
  • locals
  • high quality
  • foodies
  • caring
  • reliable
  • efficient
  • people taking a break
  • all ages
  • male or female

Target Audience Profile:

The target audience for the Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express website will be composed of individuals that enjoy a professional yet fun atmosphere.  Calling all cupcake lovers and those with a sweet tooth!  This cupcake business was started by a stay-at-home dad; so this is a perfect environment for parents with children to support a small business.  The local foodies are served high quality cupcakes daily.  With this fun and informative website we want to attract an even larger audience.  This will allow us to gather a reliable caring fan base.

Ideal Visitor Description:

The ideal visitor to the Holy Magdalena Cupcake Express website can be any age male or female.  He or she is seeking information about menu, pricing, or location of the food truck.  The visitor will enjoy a family friendly environment and also high quality cupcakes!